Dee Dickens gets nervous when people talk about themselves in the third person.

I’m a mature (apparently) student at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying English and Creative Writing. I’m the one with the shaved head, lots of tattoos and the slightly bemused look. Uni was always the dream and I am that student who gets assignments in early. But I’m still cool yeah?

I live in Cardiff with my Daughter Person Noah, Husband Phil, Housemate Mel, her baby Morven and our feminist cats Frida Kahtlo and Sylvia Purrkhurst. I love where I live and who I live with. I consider myself a lucky woman to be able to say that.

If I am not writing I am reading, watching geeky nerdy stuff on telly or at the cinema, cuddling hubby and or a cat or, more likely, screaming at my laptop because of an essay deadline.

I’m passionate about equality, a queer, disabled, woman of colour, the only box I don’t tick any more is young. That being said, being young was a total ball ache and I am happier now than I have ever been.

All of my writing reflects that my Daughter Person has Aspergers and I have traits. That autism is presented in a positive manner is very important to me.

My husband is a brilliant writer and if you like dark, contemporary fantasy you should really check his stuff out here.

I have always loved reading and writing and am proper chuffed to have published my first book “Conversations With The Pixie” in 2017.

I have also published a longer novel about a Goddess who gets trapped on Earth and hope to have released a collection of poetry next summer.

Till then, be you. The world will adjust.

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