Hello and welcome to my website. Pull up a chair, grab a beverage of your choice and let us talk of life.

I love to write but am crap when it comes to web things so my amazing husband, Phil is helping me with this website.

I’ll get the kettle on shall I?


Dee Dickens gets nervous when people talk about themselves in the third person.

I’m a mature (apparently) student at Cardiff Metropolitan University studying English and Creative Writing. I’m the one with the shaved head, lots of tattoos and the slightly bemused look.

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Woke Up Cover

I have written two books: a novella called Conversations with the Pixie and a full length novel called I Woke Up Early.

On here, you can read sample chapters as well as finding out where to purchase the book online

Find out more about my books.



I also write and perform a lot of poetry, covering a wide range of subjects from racism to selfies.

On this website you’ll be able to find videos of all the poems I’ve recorded. If you’re more of a fan of reading poetry than hearing it, don’t worry as I plan to put out a collection of poetry in the near future.

Check out my poetry.